Dr. Westaway’s class taught me how to analyze the world around me through different perspective. It made me open my eyes to everything that was going on around me and think critically.

-Lisa, University of Miami Student

Like I said earlier in class, thank you for everything. Because of you and your class I received the best sexual education I have in my life. I gained the courage to speak with my mom about sex and was relieved to have a positive response. And most importantly, I finally am beginning to try to see myself through my own eyes instead of seeing myself through a male lens, and I am beginning to stop constantly trying to be visually pleasing to others. That is something I’ve struggled with for as long as I can remember.

– Nicole, University of Miami Student

I just wanted to say that when I first registered for this class, I had no idea it was a civic engagement class or even what the theme of the class would center around, but now that I’ve experienced this first part of the semester, I’m really glad I joined it. Working on Canes Consent and just working at the Women’s Fund this morning were completely new and great experiences for me and hopefully are also contributing to the causes we’ve been discussing in class. I finally feel more connected to Miami and facing the problems I’ve learned about rather than being isolated from the issues and understanding them through a textbook and I just wanted to thank you for teaching with that approach. Thank you.

-Daniella, University of Miami Student

Your class truly has changed my life forever. We live in a society that sadly portrays women to be weak and less important than men. Even our self image in which I’ve always suffered with is an everyday issue we face. Taking your course gave me a self empowerment I’ve never felt before. By taking your course it allowed me to finally be happy with who I am inside and out! Because we are all special and beautiful in every single way! So thank you for being an incredible strong individual who fights for our equality! You taught me this and much more! Best course I’ve ever taken!!!

-Kaitlyn, University of Miami Student


Dr. Westaway’s Women’s and Gender Studies course gave me an opportunity to reach out to other students about a nationwide issue: sexual assault specifically on college campuses, through a class-organized event called Canes Consent. Not only did WGS 201 provide networking experiences beyond the walls of a classroom, it allowed students to engage in thought-provoking conversations that one may not find in their normal friend groups.

-Shannon, University of Miami Student


I would just like to say thank you so much for being such a great feminist role model. If it weren’t for you I probably wouldn’t have gone to One Billion Rising or even heard of it. Thank you for everything.

-Nicole, University of Miami Student


Greetings! My name is Melissa Goldstein and I am a freshman at the U, currently enrolled in Dr. Westaway’s WGS 201 course this semester. I’m liking it so much that i’ve been researching the possibility of pursuing a minor in WGS. I’m already majoring in media writing and production with a minor in songwriting at the music school, so I was just wondering if it is at all possible for me to double minor? If so, is there a form or something that I need to fill out in order to make it official? Thank you, in advance, for your time and consideration.

– Melissa, University of Miami Student

Two semesters with Dr. Westaway made me realize there’s more to English than just language and writing papers.  She showed me that English combined with a variety of topics is exciting and thought provoking.  She inspires her students through her passion for the language and careful planning of lessons. Dr. Westaway engages students in a learning environment through unique readings and lively discussions.  I greatly enjoyed class with Dr. Westaway and strongly recommend her classes.

-Carla, University of Miami Student

In my first semester freshman year, Dr. Westaway’s ENG 105 was my favorite class. I thoroughly enjoyed the subject matter, food, and I loved that Dr. Westaway tried to introduce us to “buying and eating local”. It was a great lesson learned and I now use what I learned in that class during almost all of my meals! My favorite part of the class was when Dr. Westaway would organize class to meet for meals at restaurants in the area that used local produce. These “get togethers” allowed everyone in class to get to know each other in a more natural setting, which was nice for a first year student who isn’t used to such a big campus. I enjoyed my time in ENG105 so much that I signed up for Dr.Westaway’s spring semester ENG 106 class. While the topic was feminism, and much different than my previous class, Dr. Westaway was able to generate a level of excitement that encouraged the students to get fully engaged in the subject matter. Overall, I greatly enjoyed my time in Dr. Westaway’s classes during my first year at the University of Miami and would definitely recommend her class to any student looking for an interesting and interactive experience with a great professor.

-Lily, University of Miami Student